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Sample Spoliation Letter

Dear ______,

In order to represent ______ to the best of our ability, we must secure all potential evidence from _______ until ________. At this time we request that you preserve the following for all electronic devices in your possession including but not limited to a cell phone, smartphone, tablet, iPad, laptop, GPS during the time period listed above:

1. maintain and preserve the actual electronic device(s) that you owned at the time of the collision;

2. maintain your cell phone and/or data usage records for the month of the collision;

3. preserve all calls, voicemails, text messages, emails, instant messages, social media messages, social media posts, internet searches, GPS data, and other electronic communication or data.

Please do not alter, delete, destroy or discharge any of your electronic devices and/or the above-requested data until we have had an opportunity to have them inspected by an expert. Please be advised that failure to preserve evidence may be considered spoliation of evidence and could result in penalties assigned by the court.