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Criminal Defense in Hernando County, FL

If you have been arrested for a DUI, felony or misdemeanor offense in Hernando County, Florida, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss the details of your case and the best defenses. Call 813-250-0500 to talk with a lawyer at the Sammis Law Firm about your criminal accusation in Brooksville, Hernando County, Florida.

We created this website to provide you with general information about a variety of criminal offenses under Florida law, including the maximum and minimum penalties, possible criminal defenses, collateral consequences to avoid and special defenses.

The articles on this website also discuss motions that can be filed to ask the court to suppress illegally obtained evidence, exclude unduly prejudicial evidence, or dismiss charges not supported by sufficient evidence. If you were arrested in Hernando County, FL, then you need a criminal defense attorney who will fight the charges aggressively.

Attorneys for Criminal Defense in Hernando County, FL

The criminal defense attorneys at Sammis Law Firm represent individuals charged with felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses in Brooksville, Hernando County, FL.

At the Sammis Law Firm, P.A., we understand that your time is valuable. Call today to schedule a consultation to speak directly with a criminal defense lawyer for Brooksville, Hernando County, FL, either over the phone or in the office today.

We take a scholarly approach to criminal defense by filing and litigating motions to dismiss charges and motions to suppress evidence, which is often the best way to fight the criminal accusations.

Call 813-250-0500 to speak with an attorney about the particular facts and circumstances of your case.

DUI Defense for Hernando County, FL

If you have been charged with DUI in Brooksville, FL, contact an experienced DUI Attorney at the Sammis Law Firm to discuss your case. Or visit our Brooksville DUI Attorney information center for more information about things you need to do now to protect yourself against a serious allegation of drunk or impaired driving.

After your arrest, you only have 10 days to retain an attorney to demand a formal review hearing to contest the administrative suspension of your driver's license. We can also help you obtain a 42-day permit so that you can keep driving while we fight to protect your driving privileges.

Some attorneys might tell you to waive all your rights and stipulate to the DUI suspension just to get hardship privileges immediately, but call us to find out the pros and cons of this approach. We always recommend demanding a formal review hearing within 10 days of the arrest.

Additional Resources

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Hernando County Clerk's Office for Criminal Cases - Click here to find out more information about your particular felony or misdemeanor case in Hernando County through the clerk's office including upcoming court dates, recently filed pleadings and information about your judge or prosecutor.

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This article was last updated on Friday, June 22, 2018.