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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Florida

The criminal defense attorneys at the Sammis Law Firm represent clients throughout the following places in the greater Tampa Bay area:

Our attorneys are members of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (FACDL), the largest and most respected legal organization for the top criminal defense attorneys in the State of Florida.

Our attorneys also belong to the criminal law section of the Florida Bar and the Hillsborough County Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers (HCACLD).

What do criminal defense attorneys do?

The job description of a criminal defense attorney is to zealously represent their client at every stage of the criminal case from the initial investigation through the final resolution of the case.

Criminal defense attorneys can be employed by the state or federal government to represent people who cannot afford to retain an attorney (often called a "public defender"). Criminal defense attorneys also practice in the private sector representing clients who pay money to retain them for their services. Most attorneys in the private sector also devote a portion of their practice to taking cases on a pro bono basis.

Included in the job description of a criminal defense attorney is filing and litigating any viable motions to suppress evidence illegally obtained or to exclude evidence that is unduly prejudicial. When sufficient evidence does not support the case, the attorney can file a motion to dismiss the charges. Attorneys also prepare the case for trial in front of a judge or jury.

Before trial, the prosecutor and defense attorney will discuss a possible plea bargain. The more prepared the attorney is for trial or the more likely it is that a "not guilty" verdict might be returned, the more willing the prosecutor might be to make a better plea bargain offer to resolve the case.

Ultimately, the client will decide between accepting the best possible plea bargain agreement that can be negotiated or going to trial. If the client is not found not guilty at trial, a criminal defense attorney can continue to fight the case by filing a direct appeal or post-conviction motion.

Additional Resources

Hillsborough County Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (HCACLD) - Find information on HACDL, an organization that supports the criminal defense bar in Hillsborough County in both state and federal court.

Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers - Founded as a non-profit association in 1988, the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Inc., (FACDL) supports and educates criminal defense attorneys throughout the state through networking opportunities, quality continuing legal education seminars, and its publication "Florida Defender." Since its creation, FACDL has continued to promote excellence in the practice of criminal law and protect the rights of the accused. Leslie Sammis and Jason Sammis are both Life Members of this organization.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Florida - Visit the Lawyer Legion directory to find Florida attorneys focused on criminal defense and DUI defense throughout the state. The directory recognized attorneys who are members in criminal justice legal organizations such as FACDL, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD), and more.

This article was last updated on Friday, May 11, 2018.