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Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys

Our traffic ticket attorneys have offices in Tampa, FL. We represent clients on speeding tickets, moving violations and non-moving violations. One traffic violation could cost you thousands of dollars in higher insurance premiums. The increase in insurance premiums can last for three or more years after you pay the ticket. 

We know that your time is valuable. You can email us the ticket and your contact information to jennifer@sammislawfirm.com or fax it to 813-276-1600. Just send us a copy of your citation and our office will call you back. Or we can just email you all the documents you need to retain the firm.

We charge a flat rate of $150.00 for most civil traffic infractions and violations. The attorney fees are higher if a mandatory court appearance is required or if the driver holds a commercial driver's license (CDL). Let us put our experience to work for you to help you get the best possible resolution in your case. We can help you fight to avoid a conviction, points, driving school, or an increase in insurance premiums.

We can help you fight to avoid a conviction, points, driving school, or an increase in insurance premiums.

Speeding Tickets

Don’t just pay that speeding ticket issued in Hillsborough County, FL, without a fight. Paying the ticket is an admission and causes a "conviction" and points. Fax or email us a copy of your ticket and your contact information including an email address and our staff will send you all the information you need to retain us.

Our goal is to get your speeding ticket dismissed entirely. Even if we can't get the ticket dismissed, we can ask the court to "withhold adjudication" so that you do not get any points.

Moving Violations

If you received a citation for any moving violation then don't just pay the ticket. Paying the ticket means you are admitting guilt and will be "convicted" and assessed points. We represent clients with civil infractions for all types of moving violations including running a red light or stop sign, failure to maintain lane, following too closely, careless driving, aggressive careless driving, illegal turn, illegal u-turn, passing a school bus, or a move over violation. Let our traffic ticket attorney in Tampa fight your ticket for you.

Non-Moving Violations

Even some non-moving violations can cause points on your driving record if you just pay the ticket. Repeat violations can even cause a suspension of your driving privileges. We fight non-moving violations from parking in a no-parking zone, parking in front of a fire hydrant, driving with a broken headlight or expired registration. Let our traffic ticket attorneys help you today.

Traffic Ticket Attorneys in Tampa for Truck Drivers and CDL Holders

For truck drivers and those that hold a commercial driver's license (CDL holder) contact us to find out more about the best way to resolve the case. The laws are particularly harsh for any CDL holder. Don't put your job at risk by not handling the citation correctly. Call us to discuss your case today and speak directly with an attorney experienced in handling these types of cases. 

Especially in the State of Florida is makes sense to hire a traffic ticket attorney because the attorney can save you money in the short term and the long term. Often, hiring the attorney is much cheaper and easier than trying to represent yourself. If you pay the ticket then the Florida DMV will access points on your driver's license.If you accumulate too many tickets then your driver's license will be suspended.

Types of Traffic Tickets we Fight

The attorneys at the Sammis Law Firm handle all moving and non-moving civil traffic violations in Tampa and Hillsborough County including:

  1. Speeding Tickets;
    • speeding to avoid arrest;
    • speeding in a construction zone;
    • speeding in a school zone;
  2. Driving after consuming alcohol if the driver is under 21 years old; 
  3. Driving while license suspended without knowledge;
  4. Driving with expired registration;
  5. Careless driving;
  6. Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle;
  7. Failure to yield right-of-way;
  8. Failure to have liability insurance;
  9. Failure to stop for a siren;
  10. Passing a stopped school bus; 
  11. Running a red light;
  12. Running a stop sign;
  13. Making an improper right-hand turn; or
  14. Making an improper left-hand turn.

Points on Driving Violations in Florida

If you are charged with a civil traffic infraction or criminal traffic offense is it important to consider the number of points that come with a conviction. The most common moving violations in Florida that result in points on a driver's license include:  

Speeding Tickets

  • Speeding resulting in a crash or accident - 6 points
  • More than 15 mph over the speed limit - 4 points
  • 15 mph or less over the speed limit - 3 points

Moving Violation

  • Moving violation (includes driving during restricted hours and parking on a highway outside the limits of a municipality) - 3 points
  • Moving violation resulting in a crash - 4 points
  • Failing to stop at a traffic signal (effective October 1, 2005) - 4 points
  • Passing a stopped school bus  - 4 points
  • Reckless driving  - 4 points
  • Leaving the scene of a crash resulting in property damage of more than $50 - 6 points
  • Improper lane change - 3 points 
  • Violation of a traffic control sign/device - 4 points
  • Open container as an operator - 3 points
  • Child restraint violation - 3 points
  • Littering - 3 points

Additional Resources

Traffic Ticket Frequently Asked Questions - Visit the website for the Clerk of Circuit Court in Hillsborough County, FL, to find the answers to frequently asked questions about the traffic department including: "Can I pay my traffic fine online?" and "How much will my traffic citation cost?"

Our Attorneys Fight Traffic Tickets in Tampa

At the Sammis Law Firm, our lawyers handle traffic tickets issued throughout Hillsborough County. These cases are resolved in the different traffic courts in Tampa. Your case can be heard by a hearing officer or a county court judge.

A traffic ticket attorney in Tampa typically charges $150.00 for most civil traffic infractions and violations. The cost for the traffic ticket attorney may be higher if the driver holds a commercial driver's license (CDL).

The most serious traffic citations have a mandatory court date and can even require a driver's license suspension if the non-criminal citation involved a death or serious bodily injury.

Call us at 813-250-0500 to discuss your case. Or just email your citation and contact information to jennifer@sammislawfirm.com .

This article on fighting traffic tickets was last updated on Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

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