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Child Protective Investigations Division of HCSO

If it is alleged that a child was present for any act of domestic violence or child abuse, then the Child Protective Investigations Division of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office (or a surrounding county) will investigate the case.

In many cases, the investigator with CPI will demand that the parents sign a "Child Safety Plan." The plan finds that a physical altercation between the mother and father (or other family members) endangered the children which presented a present or impending danger.

Even in a misdemeanor case for domestic violence battery, the safety plan will often require the parent to comply with all recommended services and prevent contact with the other parent until the service provider says so. If the accusations against you are false, then call an attorney before signing any paperwork because agreeing to the safety plan can have a long lasting impact.

If you are suspected of domestic violence or any crime committed in the presence of a child, then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at the earliest stages of the investigation.

Tampa Attorney for HCSO CPI Investigations

In many of these cases, the actions by the Child Protection Investigations Division of HCSO are simply too restrictive. Preventing the parents from talking or seeing each other when the alleged victim does not believe such actions are necessary can cause more harm than good to the family. It also creates an economic hardship for many families who have issues with housing and child care while trying to accommodate all of the demands of the Child Protective Investigations Division.

Although the criminal defense attorney might be able to get the court to lift the "no contact" provision quickly (or at least amend it to "no violence contact"), CPI often decides when and if to modify their child safety plan.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can also help you deal with HCSO's child protective investigations division so that you can see your children or return to the home in the manner that is best for the entire family as quickly as possible.

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This article was last updated Thursday, March 3, 2017.

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