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USF's Initial Review Letter for Conduct Code Violations

If you are arrested or given a "notice to appear" for a criminal offense and that information is given to the USF Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, then an initial review notification will be sent to your USF student email address.

Check your email. In most cases, you will receive a notification via email that you received a letter from the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at the University of South Florida. Many of these notifications tell you to follow the steps below on your computer (not your cellular device) to view your letter(s):

  1. Click on the following link: https://usf-advocate.symplicity.com/sso/students/student_login.
  2. Use your USF NetID and your USF NETID Password to access the website.
  3. After accessing the website, you will be taken to your individual Home tab. Click on the Letters tab.
  4. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the Action column to view the specific letter.

If you do not respond to the content located at the link above, decisions regarding the incident being investigated may be made in your absence. When you follow these steps you can open the “Notification Letter.” The letter is entitled the “Student Rights and Responsibilities Request to Attend an Initial Review Meetings - DO NOT DELETE.”

The letter will notify you that the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities has received information indicating that you may have been involved with possible violation(s) of the USF Student Code of Conduct. The letter will notify that the information sent to USF indicates that on a certain date you may have allegedly violated the following section(s) of the Code:

(4.01) Theft

(4.02) Misuse of Property

(4.03) Misuse of Materials 

(4.04) Weapons, Firearms, or Explosive Devices

(4.05) Harassment 

(4.06) Stalking 

(4.07) Hazing 

(4.08) Disorderly Conduct

(4.09) Disruptive Conduct

(4.10) FalseAlarm

(4.11) Threats of Violence 

(4.12) Injurious Behavior 

(4.13) Reckless Injurious Behavior 

(4.14) SexualHarassment

(4.14)(b) Battery/Rape/Violence: 

(4.14)(c) Sexual Misconduct 

(4.15) Misuse or Possession of Illegal Drugs  

(4.16) Gambling 

(4.17) Misuse of Alcohol

(4.18) False Information 

(4.19) Bribery 

(4.20) Failure to Respond to Instructions 

(4.21) Violation of USF System Policy and/or Local Ordinance, State or Federal Law (as determined by the University)

(4.22) Violation of Probation

(4.23) Complicity

The notification usually says:

We would like to speak with you regarding this matter as soon as possible. Please call the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities by a certain date to arrange an appointment with a USF “Initial Review Officer” to discuss the matter. If the office has not heard from you by this date the Initial Review Officer will render a decision without the benefit of your input.

The possible outcome of this decision could affect your opportunities to be involved and engaged as a USF student. You are invited to visit our website at www.sa.usf.edu/srr for additional information about the Student Code of Conduct. The meetings are usually conducted at ALN 109. The letter will thank you for your “anticipated cooperation.”

Notification Letter from the Initial Review Officer at USF

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This letter was last updated on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.